An online Introduction to Mindfulness Course

Our online Mindfulness course for the well-being of all and increased performance in the workplace. Our easy to follow, understand and practice Mindfulness online course explains what is meant by mindfulness and how we can all put mindfulness into practice for one's own benefit as well as that of one's employer.

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What is our Mindfulness course about?

  • Introduce you to its principles and practice

  • The beneficial role it can play within the workplace context

  • Explore what is meant by the term

  • Introduce you to some practical mindfulness exercises that can be used in both the home and workplace

  • Demonstrate how our Mindfulness course online can help in your workplace.

Our Mindfulness online course is designed by Michael Atkinson, Director of School of Mindfulness.

Michael specialises in mindfulness training for the public and organisations, including mindfulness teacher training for individual practitioners.

Watch a short video of Michael talking about his Mindfulness online training course.

Michael has explored and practiced mindfulness for over 20 years and has taught it in a range of contexts, from hospitals to large corporations, further and higher education.institutions, as well as online

. Michael regularly gives public talks on mindfulness and his current research explores the links between mindfulness and resilience. Michael is a Senior Fellow with the Higher Education Academy, and a Teacher Educator in Medical Education at a leading Russell Group university in the North-East of England.

What are the benefits of Mindfulness?

  • Enhanced resilience.

  • Reductions in stress.

  • Enhanced focus and concentration.

  • Development of greater acceptance of circumstances.

  • Improved ability to pay attention to whatever one is doing.

  • Less rumination and self-critical thought.

  • Improved capacity for kindness and compassion.

  • Improved well-being and mental health.

Who is the Course for?

Everyone in the workforce.

It is for you and all your colleagues, not just for managers. We believe that mindfulness can help everyone within an organisation.

By informing employees about how to manage their well-being through mindfulness, we can help reduce the costs of poor mental health within your organisation, associated with presenteeism and absenteeism.

online mental health awareness course

How will it help all your colleagues?

The Course will help them recognise the early warning signs of compromised well-being in themselves and in their colleagues.

The Course introduces mindfulness techniques and strategies to help employees take a pro-active approach to improved well-being and resilience.

What is covered on the Course?

  • What is mindfulness?

  • What are the consequences of non-mindfulness?

  • The benefits of mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness and mental health.

  • How to practice mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness in the workplace.

  • Range of supplementary PDFs.

  • A five minute guided mindfulness audio.

online mental health awareness course
online mental health awareness course

How long is the Course?

Timings vary of course dependant on the individual.
The average time taken is under 20 minutes, which includes a Quiz and a recorded Test.
Successful users will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Course completion.

How will it help your Organisation?

Reduce poor mental health and raise well-being within your organisation (costing an average of £1,035 per employee per year), and you will have a happier more productive workforce.
Research shows happy employees are 12% more productive.

You can also reap the savings from reduced presenteeism, which is costing you a fortune, and absenteeism. (Mind)

online mental health awareness course
online mental health awareness course

Can you make changes, so the Course is exclusive to you and includes bespoke content?

Yes indeed. You are able to change copy and imagery, add or delete pages, and add links to your intranet or other web sites.

Listen and engage with the five minute guided meditation audio from within our Mindfulness Course

Is an e-learning Course a better way to learn about Mindfulness compared with a face to face course?

No, but there are significant advantages:

  • Consistent training
  • Thousands can be trained at a time
  • Database records understanding
  • No out of office expenses
  • No non-attendees
  • Completed at a time to suit each individual
  • Refresher training at any time
  • Very good value for money

What do I do now?

Buy now, have a trial or contact us if you would like to speak with one of our consultant regarding your well-being initiative.