About Hub4

We are a family run business immersed in health, safety and wellbeing in the workplace, specialising in all matters relating to DSE. Hub 4 draws from over 30 years of experience of working with the DSE Regulations.

about hub4

Over 30 years experience in DSE

When you work with Hub-4 you not only benefit from the experience of our team, but also from the continuous improvements to the platform and our innovative new products and services.

Gerald Whitehouse, Occupational Hygienist and one of our Directors, helped rewrite the Regulations in 2004, as part of the then Ergonomics Society Committee charged with reviewing the proposed amendments to the legislation.

We want to make your life easier and our mission is to make it as seamless as possible for organisations like yours to manage DSE and look after their teams.

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how dse training works

How our DSE training works

Within 14 days you can be up and running with your own platform, delivering training and assessments to your staff all across the globe.

The cloud based delivery ensures uniformity of content and trackability of delivery.

Hub 4 has grown to offer our range of health and safety online courses to leading employers in crucial sectors, including Government, finance, IT and food industries.

Gerald comments

“We have been involved with office health and safety matters, especially DSE, since 1993, and are very much Health and Safety specialists rather than a software or equipment company attempting to exploit an opportunity.

Our clients include Government Departments, Councils and Police Authorities as well as major PLCs both UK and International not forgetting SMEs. Whether small or large all our clients are treated with the same care and respect.

DSEasy is our flagship on-line product and every year we carry out thousands of DSE Assessments and train Assessors across the UK.

Please join our Hub-4 family and let us help you in every way we can.”