Hub-4 is all about helping employers comply with Health and Safety Regulations efficiently.

As a leading specialist online health and safety company, Hub-4 focuses on helping Organisations efficiently manage and comply with office health and safety legislation.

This legislation influences all areas of your business and whether you have 10 or 10,000 colleagues, they all need a range of training, assessing, and/or auditing.

ISO 14001 demands that you are up to date not just with the DSE Regulations but with other office health and safety regulations as well.

The rewards of the right online training, assessments and/or audits are well documented, with the benefits of thorough recording and reporting have proven to be invaluable to businesses across the board. We at Hub-4, have tailored our system to effectively benefit every customer.


Our background:

Founded 1993, as Chaos Ergonomics, we have immersed ourselves in DSE consultancy, carrying out DSE Assessments for some of the major employers in the City of London.

We have trained hundreds of DSE Assessors nationwide.

1998: we produced our first DSE Training programme, a CD called DSEasy.

2003 Worked with The HSE as a member of the Ergonomic Society’s committee reviewing the draft revised DSE Regulations, published later that year.

2005: Became Hub4 and DSEasy goes into the cloud, where we can be reached by anyone, anywhere in the world.

2015 onwards: We have developed a range of office Health and Safety courses from, General Office Health and Safety (for Induction and at other times), Fire Awareness/Safety, Manual Handling in the Office , An Introduction to Mental Health and An Introduction to Mindfulness.


NEW since 2020: The DSE Trilogy: DSEasy office, DSEasy Home and DSEasy Remote

Part of our Team:

Hi I’m Joanne.

I work in sales and marketing, trying to be innovative in our approach to new business.

It is a fundamental principle that we listen to prospective customers’ needs rather than ours.

I hope we can meet yours, we’ll certainly try.

Hi I’m Pollyanna,

I studied English at Liverpool University and look after the copy on the Training Courses.

It is important that each screen conveys its message succinctly and effectively.

Thank you for reading this.

Hi I’m Rosemary.

My job, that I simply love, is Research.

Google is my best friend, when researching content for Courses for customers as well as our own.

Hi I’m Alex,

the Fire Warden who also acts as ‘support’ where ever it might be needed.

Very varied job role which suits me down to the ground.

Hi I’m Gerald

A Director and shareholder of Hub-4 with unlimited ambition to make Hub-4 into a world class online Course provider.
We focus today on Office Health and Safety Courses, however we have engineered our software to be able to deliver any ‘content’ anywhere there is internet and in the longer term we shall deliver thousands of Courses for hundreds of content providers.

Hi I’m Marc

Lead developer on the Hub-4 platform.

We work everyday to enhance the offerings from Hub-4.

We concentrate on the look and feel, the features, the interconnectivity, the intuivity of performance.

Suggestions from customers are integral to the way we work and we always try and accommodate requests no matter how off beam they may seem at times.

Hi I’m Rob.

Director and shareholder.

I oversee everything.

My job is to ensure that everything we do is to a world class standard.

We continue to strive to make our Courses better, our sales and marketing better, our relationship with customers and suppliers better.

I would be delighted to welcome you as a customer.

Hi I’m Victoria

Official title: Customer Relationship Manager.

I’m a tigress when it comes to getting things done. I just love hard work and helping the wonderful range of customers we have here at Hub-4

Director Gerald Whitehouse is passionate about the correct use of display screen equipment and is happy to meet with you to talk about DSE compliance and, more importantly, to help your employees be more happy and comfortable in their work place, whilst increasing productivity for your organisation.

Gerald is an active member of the ergonomic community and with over 1,000 LinkedIn connections and belonging to over 25 Groups, he is well positioned to deliver sound guidance and advice. Call Gerald on +44 (0) 1822 819 786 for a no obligation discussion.

Gerald comments:

‘We have been involved with office health and safety matters, especially DSE, since 1993, and are very much Health and Safety specialists rather than a software company attempting to exploit an opportunity.

We have extensive experience and expertise and, in 2003, we played an active role in the re-drafting of current DSE Regulations.


Our clients include Government Departments, Local and Police Authorities as well as major PLCs both UK and International not forgetting SMEs.
Whether small or large all our clients are treated with the same care and respect.


DSEasy is our flagship on-line product and every year we carry out thousands of DSE Assessments and train Assessors across the UK.


Please join our Hub-4 family and let us help you in every way we can.