Online DSE Training, assessment & certification for office, home & remote workers.

Hub-4 provides fully accredited online DSE (Display Screen Equipment) training courses, self-assessment, and instant certification. Our DSE training courses are fully compliant with the latest DSE regulations. We provide bespoke DSE courses for office workers, home workers and those working remotely. We have developed DSEasy 3-in-1  for all your DSE training needs, which provides a flexible approach to match the flexibility of your employees‘ work locations, either in your office, at home or working remotely. Our online DSE training courses enable up to 95% of users to self-assess whilst we manage your compliance and the housekeeping of your movers, leavers and joiners.

Why use Hub-4 for Your DSE Training Compliance?

We deliver effective DSE training, anywhere and for all your employees at every level whether in the office, home, or remote working. If you offer flexible working, we have the DSE courses to match. Our DSE courses are compatible with all devices, simple-to-use and beautifully designed to engage and educate, utilising video-based e-Learning.

Who are the DSE Training Courses Designed for?

Our DSE courses are designed and suitable for both the Public and Private Sectors, with training ready to go at a touch of a button. We also offer DSE training courses, tailormade to engage your particular workforce, irrespective of the size of your business or where they work. Our training solutions provide you with the simple tools you need to work towards compliance with current legislation for office, home or remote workers.

Why do I need to be DSE Compliant?

DSE training is a legal requirement for any of your workers who regularly sit at a computer for any part of their working day. Our courses will help users avoid RSI, headaches, back problems and eyestrain, factors that have been proven to contribute to absenteeism. Workers can adapt their workstation and highlight those at high risk.

Delivering Online Compliance with the DSE Regulations in the Office and at Home. Three Courses to Choose from

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DSEasy Office

DSEasy Office is our bespoke DSE training course for all employees working from your office. An Accredited CIPD online course.

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DSEasy Home

DSEasy Home meets the requirements for DSE training and compliance for your homeworkers. An Accredited CIPD online course.

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DSEasy Remote

DSEasy Remote is designed for working from home on a temporary basis or those agile workers who frequently work remotely for short periods of time.

Flexible DSE courses to meet the needs of your flexible workforce

Courses available individually or in our DSEasy 3-in-1 package

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