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Flexible working arrangements call for flexible solutions

Choose any combination of our online DSE courses to suit your organisation's needs.

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DSEasy Office

Our original course, designed to support DSE users in the office environment.

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DSEasy Home

A course designed with the home working environment in mind. DSEasy Home includes additional guidance on the working environment and additional modules covering productivity & mental wellbeing whilst working from home.

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DSEasy Hybrid

The perfect solution for companies supporting a hybrid working environment, where their DSE users have a home and office workstation.

DSE users will complete DSEasy from their primary workstation first. They will then complete a separate assessment only, from their secondary workstation.

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DSEasy Remote

Designed for temporary homeworkers or for those that work at temporary workstations with limited equipment. The course trains the DSE user to work ergonomically with limited resources.

Course Comparison

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Arrange a Free Trial

We recommend booking a 20-minute online appointment with one of our professionals to ensure you have our undivided attention. We can ensure we understand your organisation’s needs and offer you the right solution for you.
A free trial can then be arranged so that you can explore the courses at your leisure.

How DSEasy Works


Designed by ergonomic experts to meet the requirements set by the DSE regulations, the training element will reduce the risk of DSE users developing RSIs and MSDs.

We have ensured the training is interactive and engaging to help the trainee retain important information.

Throughout the training, DSE users are encouraged to make the necessary adjustments as they go through the course.


Test questions are integrated throughout the training, ensuring the training material has been understood and trainees have the best chance of passing the test.

obtaining test results ensures proof of understanding for your records.


Assessment questions are integrated throughout the training to highlight areas of risk.

Our unique 2 prompt system enables 90% to 95% of trainees to self-resolve issues and can be customised to suit your organisation’s policies and procedures.

All Managed in Your Free Hub 4 Portal

The Learning Management System has been designed to fully support the DSE assessor manage all aspects of DSE compliance. No more paper and no more spreadsheets.

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All necessary communications are automated within your portal, including launching, follow-up reminders and password generation.

Consistent automated communications ensure high uptake and low manual intervention reducing administration time.

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Risk management

Automated email alerts take you straight to the portal where you can view test & assessment results.

Each Assessment is presented within the risk management portal, where you can view and resolve issues. The portal allows you to keep a record of actions and manage spending.

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