Mental Health Awareness Training Course

An online mental health awareness training course for all your staff.

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What is our mental health awareness training course about?

Poor mental health is costing your organisation about £1,035* per employee per year.
Our mental health awareness training course will help you to reduce the poor mental health in your workforce.
This will happen by helping everyone understand how mental health affects us all and by banishing the stigma associated with poor mental health.
Then you can reduce your associated costs of poor mental health.

What they're saying about our mental health awareness training:

  • I particularly like the following elements which you have employed in the Snippet.

    1. The imagery of repetitive and interlinking cycles of a wellbeing thought process.
    2. The illustration of the effects of personal decision making on mental health as a positive aid.
    3. The simplicity you have achieved in your message which actually covers a very complex topic.
    Peter Jewell
    CRM / RRM / Human Factors
  • I was pleasantly surprised to be drawn in by the graphical style you’ve used in this course, which engaged me from the start.

    I found the content to be relevant to the subject and delivered in an easy to understand style, and I’ve certainly learned something just from the snippet!

    Safety & Security Manager
  • I really enjoyed the snippet. I liked how it would occasionally ask me questions to really make me think about what I was being asked, without every slide / page being a question.

    I particularly enjoyed the breathing exercises and did it 3 times myself. I actually felt really relaxed after that.

    It did make me think how stressed I get during the day on many occasions

    Health and Safety professional
  • Hi Gerald, Thank you for sending me the snippet of your online training. Yes, it’s very nicely put together and great content

    Mindfulness Professional
  • Hi… looks amazing…well done…….

    From the Construction Industry
  • Confirmation throughout was good as it kept you interested.

    The use of graphics was eye catching and is in keeping with the MOJO Back book.

    CMIOSH FIIRSM Health & Safety Manager

Why is this Course on mental health needed?

Mental Health Awareness has stormed to the top of many organisations’ agendas, as Senior Management realise the vital economic importance of good mental health . Poor mental health is costing the individual and the organisation. This course can reduce that cost.

online mental health awareness course
online mental health awareness course

What is the objective of the Course?

The objective of the course is to reduce poor mental health in the workforce, and it’s associated costs, by helping everyone understand what mental health is, how it affects us all, what to do about poor mental health and to end the stigma associated with poor mental health.

Who is the Course for?

Everyone in the workforce.

It is for you and all your colleagues, not just for managers.
We believe that by advising everyone about their mental health and how it works, we can help reduce the costs of poor mental health, in your organisation, associated with presenteeism and absenteeism.

online mental health awareness course

How will it help all your colleagues?

The Course will help them recognise any symptoms of poor mental health in themselves and in their colleagues.
The Course delivers strategies of best practice to help cope and resolve poor mental health.

What is covered on the Course?

  • Mental health explained
  • Banish the stigma of poor mental health
  • The fluidity of mental health. The mental health continuum
  • The main causes triggering poor mental health in the workplace
  • Coping strategies
  • Identifying the symptoms of poor mental health
  • Preventing poor mental health
  • Improving and managing poor mental health
  • Supporting those with poor mental health
  • Wellbeing and Mindfulness explained with examples
online mental health awareness course
online mental health awareness course

How long is the Course?

Timings vary of course dependant on the individual.
The average time taken is under 20 minutes, which includes a Quiz and a recorded Test.
Successful users will be awarded a Certificate of Successful Course completion.

How will it help your Organisation?

Reduce poor mental health within your organisation and you will have a happier more productive workforce.
Research shows happy employees are 12% more productive.
You can also reap the savings from reduced presenteeism, which is costing you a fortune, and absenteeism. (Mind)

online mental health awareness course
online mental health awareness course

Can you make changes, so the Course is exclusive to you and includes bespoke content?

Yes indeed. You are able to change copy and imagery, add or delete pages, and add links to your intranet or other web sites.

See Ann explaining her Course

Listen to how and why Ann created this course and how it will benefit you.

Is an e-learning Course better than face to face training?

No, but there are significant advantages:

  • Consistent training
  • Thousands can be trained at a time
  • Database records understanding
  • No out of office expenses
  • No non-attendees
  • Completed at a time to suit each individual
  • Refresher training at any time
  • Very good value for money
online mental health awareness course

Will I get a return on my investment?

Deloitte report an ROI of up to 9% when you invest in an effective mental health initiative.
We know that the cost of poor mental health, which is the leading cause of sickness absence in the UK, is an average of £1,035 per employee per year. We can reduce that.
And time to change tell us that FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and wellbeing outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by an average of 10%.
What are you waiting for?

Coming soon...A Course for Managers

A Managing Mental Health e-learning training course for managers: .

  • The relevance of the Equality Act 2010
  • How to implement the HSE Management Standards relating to Mental Health
  • How to implement ‘reasonable adjustments’ to support a diagnosed Mental health condition
  • The costs of not dealing with Mental Health in Organisations
  • Psychosocial benefits of supporting good Mental Health
  • Understanding Stigma and its effects
  • The importance of great Communication
  • Tips to manage ‘difficult’ conversations

What do I do now?

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