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Train and assess in 15 - 20 minutes
The Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulations: they're easy with DSEasy.

Comply with DSE Regulations

DSEasy’s online DSE Assessments and DSE Training will enable you to comply fully with the DSE Regulations at little cost per person, because DSE users self-assess, so you don’t have to. They complete their DSE assessment online, after they have received and understood the ‘necessary DSE Training. A Test is included, of course.

95% Self-assess – Guarantee of performance

If DSEasy does not work for you we’ll guarantee a refund of 25% of your investment straight away.
Remember DSEasy’s unique TWO PROMPT system, that are customised to your specifications, reduces the need for any DSE visit by 75%.

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A Wealth of Experience

We have over 22 years experience in the corporate world of DSE Training and DSE Assessments. As well as providing our online DSE training and assessment software, we undertake thousands of face to face DSE assessments and run DSE Assessor Training courses, somewhere in the UK most weeks.

DSE Training

Fast, engaging and interactive DSE training.

A smart short training Course taking no more than 15 minutes.

Includes a Test to record and prove the effectiveness of the training.

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DSE Self-Assessment

Complies with The DSE Regulations.

The self-assessment questions come after the relevant training screens.

Any ‘risk’ answer is supported by instructions for the user to resolve themselves

Upto 2 of the Prompts per risk answer.

These are tailored for each customer.

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DSE Test

Multi-choice variety.

The Test questions come after the relevant training screens.

The Correct answer is given to wrong answers, so retraining is immediate.

Certificate upon scoring 80% or more

You can add, change or remove questions

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DSE Customisations

As employers, each of us is unique.

We have engineered DSEasy to be customisable to the Nth degree.

Change imagery, screens, add, delete or amend.

Have your own prompts in the self-assessment to decrease outstanding risk even further.

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Hub-4 LMS

The Hub-4 LMS is a powerful ally in your quest for DSE compliance.

Split ‘users’ into as many Groups as you want.

Manage each Group independently.

Control access to each Group

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DSE Risk Management

90% of users will self-assess without need for DSE Assessor/Line Manager intervention.

Any with outstanding risk will be prioritised so you see the highest risk people first.

Notepads, Escatation Emails and Action By features as standard.

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DSE Web Security

Hub-4 is Registered with the ICO as Data Controllers in accordance with the Data Protection Act

The security of your data is very important to us.

Everything is encrypted, Certified by Comodo.

Secure servers backed up nightly to another location.

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Cost Benefit Analysis

To help you put to-gether your Business Case we have included here a Cost Benefit Anaalysis.

We compare using DSEasy online to a paper based system or to using Excell spreadsheets via email

Online wins everytime

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DSEasy Prices

No fixed term Contracts

Pay annually

Benefits of scale

Same price per Course

Buy from 1 Licence to 1,000,000

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