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Ann McCracken


We are working with two of the UK’s most respected mental health awareness trainers.
The award winning author Ann McCracken and Mental Health First Aid ( MHFA ) England trainer and facilitator Emma Saccomoni.


Ann’s Credentials:
Author, Scientist, Educationalist, Psychotherapist and Training Consultant
Author of The Stress Gremlins™ – Strategies for stress and ˜How to get Back your MOJO™
Motivational and Key Note Speaker on many aspects of mental health.
Accredited ISMA Trainer & Coach
Vice President and former Chair ISMAUK, (International Stress Management Association UK )

Award placque

The award is for Ann’s latest book ‘How to get back your MOJO’

Good financial returns for investing in your staff’s mental health.

 Report that Mental Health Awareness interventions can give you an ROI of 4.2 %

A return to businesses of between £1.50 and £9 for every £1 invested

 Report that every £ spent on effective workplace mental health initiatives can generate £2.30 of benefits to the organisation (PwC, 2014).

Companies that address employee mental health and wellbeing in their 2016 annual reports enjoyed up to three times more profit. (Sona Report 2017)

Mental health statistics

77% of employees have experienced symptoms of poor mental health at some point in their lives and 29% of employees have been diagnosed with a mental health condition. 

For employers, there are a number of ways in which which poor mental health can display itself. These are: Sickness absence and Presenteeism,

An effective Mental Health Awareness campaign can radically reduce these. Using an online tool means that millions of people can be given appropriate knowledge (Training) straight away, that can help them understand and better ‘manage’ any mental health issues, affecting themselves or their colleagues.

Stevenson/Farmer Review on Mental Health in the workplace

Thriving at work The Stevenson / Farmer review of mental health and employers

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