The Government and mental health charities agree that training staff in making them aware of what mental health is and is a positive and good thing to do.

BITC’s recently published Mental health toolkit for employers says:

‘To implement your approach to mental health, it is important to have structures in place that allow for information on mental health to be shared with all.’


However it seems the focus is on training managers, not providing information to all. Therefore 90% of the workforce receive no training.

Certainly training managers is better than simply doing nothing but not nearly as effective as it would be if you delivered some basic training on mental health to everyone in your workforce.

If everyone had some training, an effective introduction to mental health type course, managers would receive much more support from members of their team who are experiencing poor mental health.


This is why I ask the question: Do employers choose to only train their managers so they can ‘Tick the Box’ on being pro-active with regard to the mental health of their employees?


Vested interest: I have published Ann McCracken’s Introduction to Mental Health online Course, a short 15 minute course for all employees, so everyone is on the same level playing field when it comes to understanding about mental health.

Follow this link to see details of Ann’s Course:

As it happens we also offer the MHFA England one day Champions Course and the two day MHFA England First Aiders course.