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Hub-4 Provides a Free Homeworkers E-book

The way we work is changing, Hub-4 provides a free homeworkers e-book with all the resources to help you work from home the right way. We provide comprehensive advice on how to set up your home workstation, healthy “working from home habits. We share our expert advice on boosting productivity and how you should take care of your own mental wellbeing as well as others around you when working from home.

Working from home: How to set up your home office

  • Choice of surface for a desk

  • Chair

  • Monitor placement

  • Keyboard and mouse

  • Position of a laptop

  • Top tips for posture

Our suggestions will align you as close as possible to the DSE (Display Screen Equipment) regulations set by the Health and Safety Executive.

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online mental health awareness course

Looking after your mental health when working from home

When working from home your mental health can suffer from the strain of uncertain times, improper equipment, new ways of working and communication. Many days without real human interaction can lead to anxiety, loneliness, and worry. Our experts recommend that you:

  • Communicate your concerns over your working arrangements with your manager

  • Don’t allow any condition negatively impacting your mental health to carry on for an extended period of time

  • Look out for signs of poor mental health outlined in our e-book in yourself as well as others

  • Keep to a routine and schedule time for yourself

  • Keep in contact with your friends and family

  • Find time to exercise which improves sleep, boosts your mood and manages stress

  • Be proactive

  • Practice mindfulness and become more self-aware

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Hello Gerald,

Thank you so much, I am positive this will be a massive support for all of our Temporary Homeworkers, it’s very informative, with easy to follow suggestions to follow.

Kind regards,



++Hi Gerald,
great to hear from you.
Hope you are well and keeping safe.
This is a great idea especially now with so many staff working at home, on a temporary basis, due to COVID.
Thank you for the offer.
Thank you very much.

Police Authority
Hi Victoria,
Many thanks for the e-book, looks good.
I will send this out to our staff who are currently working from home, I’m sure they will find this useful!
Take Care! Kindest Regards, Charlotte
Dear Gerald
I hope you are all well.
This is much appreciated and most useful, it will enable our Officers/Staff who are currently working from home to adopt the correct approach to DSE.
Once again – thank you Kind Regards

Thank you so much for sending this through.
You are absolutely right – we hacked a new workspace yesterday as I was getting aches and pains working in the kitchen.
I’ll circulate today.
Jo Associate Professor.
Psychologist, specialising in work, health and wellbeing.
Many thanks for the video links regarding working from home, I have shared this with all our staff and employees currently working from home.
As a food producer we are seen as key manufacturing industry so some our working from home is flexible to meet any site needs so the Video has been very useful.
In fact I have been asked by our sister site if that could use the video links for there staff who find themselves in a similar position.
John W
Hi Gerald,
Thanks for sending e-book.
It gives some great information (being a man who had back surgery a few years ago) I’m conscious of good posture in the work place so I found that this is very informative.
Kind Regards,
Morning Gerald
Our Marketing department have issued a wellbeing correspondence to all staff & have attached the below link.Kind regards
(Global Insurance Group)
Hello Victoria,
Thank you for your email.
The guide is great and I’ve passed this to my colleagues.
Take care.
Robert T

Hi Victoria
Thank you for this, much appreciated, we the organisation are currently looking at all aspects of “Home Working” and this be of great benefit to my organisation.
I hope you are all safe as well.
Kind Regards
(Police Authority)

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