DSEasy Remote

DSEasy Remote. For Temporary Homeworkers and Agile Workers

Ergonomics | Productivity | Mental Health

This new online course for temporary homeworkers and agile workers will help your organisation meet their duty of care responsibilities by providing ergonomic training and assessment for those who are working from home on a temporary basis or who frequently work remotely for short periods of time.

The training material within the course also covers productivity and wellbeing, two top areas of concern for those working remotely.

What are the benefits?

✔️  Reduced risk of employees developing RSIs or MSDs due to bad practice

✔️  Fulfil your duty of care responsibilities

✔️  Employees will be trained to adapt their workstation wherever they are working from

✔️  Identify DSE users that are at high risk

✔️  Significantly reduce the cost of buying purpose built office equipment

Ideal Candidates For This Course

✔️  Temporary homeworkers – Employees who are working from home for a short period of time

✔️  Agile workers – Employees who work remotely occasionally (8-16h per week)


Course Contents

✔️ How to set up a safe ergonomic workstation at home without conventional office equipment
✔️ Self-assessment of workstation set up
✔️ Test for proof of understanding
✔️ Productivity advice for employees working from home
✔️ Mental health resources and guidance

Why Hub 4?

✔️  Ergonomics training developed by experts with over 27 years’ experience

✔️  Wellbeing resources developed by award winning Author & psychotherapist

✔️  Non time consuming, short course completed in approx. 10 minutes

✔️  Competitive Pricing

✔️ Free Learning management System to record and report results

✔️ Course can be customised to suit your needs your needs

Free Learning Management System (LMS)

✔️  Generate reports
✔️ Manage compliance
✔️ Identify high risk DSE users
✔️ Obtain vital proof of understanding

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