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Online DSE Training and assessment on
Posture | Chair | Workstation | Laptops | Environment | Risks | Breaks.

DSEasy Office is CIPD certified DSE training course which meets the requirements for compliance with The DSE Regulations.
Every employee who is a DSE user working in an office is to receive DSE training and a DSE assessment.

Why Provide DSE Training?

✔️  Legal compliance with mandatory DSE regulations

✔️  Reduce the risk of RSIs or MSDs

✔️  Identify high risk DSE users

✔️  Increase engagement

✔️  Decrease rates or absenteeism and presenteeism

Why DSEasy

✔️   Delivers 6 of the 7 core requirements of the Display Screen Equipment Regulations

✔️  Developed by ergonomic experts with over 27 years’ experience

✔️  90% can self-assess and self-correct without the need for intervention

✔️  No need for external assessors

✔️  Integrated test & assessment

✔️  The course is time short, 30 minutes to complete all 3 sections

✔️  Interactive and engaging training

✔️  Competitive pricing

✔️  The Course can be customised to suit your needs

Free Learning Management System

✔️  Generate reports
✔️ Manage compliance
✔️ Identify high risk DSE users
✔️ Obtain vital proof of understanding

Course content

✔️  Training on Posture, Chair, Workstation, Laptops, Environment, Risks and breaks.

✔️  Test to record and prove understanding

✔️  DSE Self-assessment

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