DSE Test questions are asked throughout DSEasy.
Target DSE training effectively and record proven DSE understanding.

Instant Corrections

Incorrect answers flag up the correct answer so the user is re-trained immediately.

Assessor Notifications

Incorrect answers are sent to an assessor. Further re-training may be necessary.

User Certification

Users will receive a certificate of their performance as seen below.

DSE Knowledge Certificate

The user can print out a Certificate showing a percentage score and can also print out a list of questions answered incorrectly.

Customise Knowledge Check questions and answers.

The wording on the DSEasy Knowledge Check questions, the number of questions, where they sit in the programme and the responses to both correct and incorrect answers are ALL customisable.

Have a look at this: our original knowledge check question:


and a customised one on the same subject:


Just let us know what you’d like changed.

Why check the understanding of the training?

  • Checking understanding is important to evidence the effectiveness of the training you are providing.
  • Just how important was highlighted in the court case of Clarke v Metropolitan Police.
  • Mrs. Clarke received health and safety training via a video programme and developed RSI sometime later. It was held that management has not ensured the effectiveness of their training.
  • Mrs. Clarke received substantial compensation.
  • Some other checking methods for both paper based and online testing involve a percentage pass mark.
  • The problem with a percentage score as a Pass Mark and therefore no further action needed, is that the questions a user gets wrong and has not understood may be the very ones that can create RSI/WRULDs
  • A percentage pass mark method is therefore a very ineffective way of proving your duty of care to the user.
  • DSEasy provides a Certificate showing the percentage score BUT also flags any incorrectly answered questions to a local assessor.