Occupational Health Assessments and Access to Work Assessments

Our twenty five years experience of carrying out DSE Assessments, for organisations large and small, has given us a unique insight into what is required.
Sometimes a DSE Assessment just doesn't go far enough.
Maybe there are real problems associated with a DSE user and the task they are charged with doing.
An Occupational Health Assessment is then required.


When are Occupational Health Assessments needed and are they compulsory?

An Occupational Health Assessment is recommended when a member of your staff is having physical problems at their workstation.
It may be they have taken days off work because of a bad back for instance.
Typically a DSE Assessment has already been provided, the workstation set up correctly and training given in accordance with The DSE Regulations.
However problems persist and a more extensive assessment is required to identify and solve the problem.
This is the Occupational Health Assessment.
It is not compulsory but as an employer you are bound to look after the health, safety and well-being of your employees and this assessment might well be the answer, and is surely a good idea.

What is an Occupational Health Assessment?

An Occupational Health Assessment is the analysis of a persons work and workstation.
May include a discussion with their manager
We advise you on an employee's health issues in relation to their work, and make recommendations on reasonable adjustments that could be considered to ensure a safe/healthy working environment for that employee.

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What are the benefits of an Occupational Health Assessment?

  • Compliance with your Duty of Care to employees

  • Adding to your corporate well-being interventions

  • Happier Line Manager and team member

  • Reduction in Musculo-skeletal Disorders (MSDs)

  • Reduction in the number of days off because of back/neck aches

  • Improved productivity

  • Small changes at a workstation or with a task can make a BIG difference

What is covered on our Occ Health Assessments?

  • Nature of work to be undertaken

  • The way that it is undertaken

  • Management review

  • The workstation set up and usage

  • Taking breaks from computer work

  • Full report of actions taken and recommendations for the future

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How long do our Occupational Health Assessments take?

Half a day.
Supported by full report and clear recommendations

Why choose our Occupational Health assessments?

  • We have been involved with the office environment and The DSE Regulations since 1993.

  • Our CEO Gerald Whitehouse was a member of the Ergonomics Society’s committee working with the HSE in revising these regulations in 2003/4

  • All our Occupational Health Assessors are experienced

  • We do not sell any product so we are unbiased in choice of any equipment, recommendation of which we keep to a minimum.

  • We know what we are doing

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What do I do now?

Talk to one of our DSE Assessors now for advice, help, encouragement or to book your DSE Assessments.