DSE Assessors

Is DSE compliance a legal requirement?

Yes. Compliance with The DSE Regulations is compulsory, if you have 5 or more DSE users.

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations, The DSE Regs. (1992 amended 2003) are a mandatory piece of legislation.

A DSE Assessment on its own is not compliance, more is needed. See below for further details.

Who is a DSE user?

There are over three pages within the Regs explaining who is and who is a not a DSE User and therefore comes within the bounds of the Regs.
To summarise: A DSE user is someone who uses a computer for an hour or more a day and could not do their job without one.
The DSE Regs encourage employers to class everyone who uses a computer at all, to be viewed as a DSE user.

DSE Assessment training

What is needed to be compliant?

Here are the seven main requirements of the DSE regulations:

    • Provide workstation best practice training to all

    • Carryout a workstation assessment with all DSE users

    • Meet the minimum standards as laid out in the DSE Regulations

    • DSE users to have breaks from computer work

    • Provide a free eye sight test on the request of a DSE user

    • Let all DSE users know what you are doing about the DSE regulations

    • Put right any known ‘problems’as soon as possible

What outsourcing DSE compliance services do you offer?

  • We guarantee to deliver all seven requirements of the DSE Regulations with your support

  • All DSE users will receive the necessary training, as laid out in the DSE Regs.

  • All DSE users will undertake  DSE Assessment

  • You will meet or be advised where you are not meeting the minimum requirements as laid out in the DSE regs.

  • DSE Users will be advised of the need to take breaks from computer work

  • DSE users will be advised of their right to a free eye sight test on request

  • DSE users will be advised of what you re doing to comply with The DSE regulations

  • Necessary adjustments will be made as soon as possible

The office for DSE assessments

How do you go about delivering this compliance?

For 50 or more DSE user we will use our unique DSE system, DSEasy.
DSEasy will deliver, for us and for you, all the necessary training, assessments and advice of minimum requirements, breaks, eye sight tests and provision of information.

Why do we need you then?

  • We will manage the process.

  • Give you monthly reports of who has/has not done what, where and when

  • We will immediately telephone triage all DSE users reporting a high risk situation

  • We will visit and carryout a face to face DSE or Occupational Health Assessment with all high risk users and report back with clear recommendations on any actions needed

  • We will keep the DSE system up to date with movers, leavers and joiners on a monthly basis

  • We do not sell any ergonomic products so have no vested interest in supplying any equipment

What experience do you have?

  • Over 25 years of DSE work

  • Worked on redrafting The DSE Regulations in 2003/4

  • Fully qualified and experienced DSE consultants

  • Fully qualified and experienced DSE assessors

  • We provide this service for major banks, investment organisations, government departments and many others.