DSE Assessments - face to face and online

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Our twenty five years experience of carrying out DSE Assessments, for organisations large and small, has given us a unique insight into what is required.
We offer you a range of face to face DSE Assessments, tailored to meet your specific requirements as well as an online self-assessment system.


Why are DSE Assessments needed and are they compulsory?

DSE Assessments, also known as workstation assessments or ergonomic assessments, are needed firstly to comply with the mandatory legislation,that is The Display Screen Equipment Regulations (DSE Regs.) and secondly to protect the heallh of your workforce and help their well-being whilst in your duty of care.

Therefore a DSE Assessment is compulsory for all your workforce who could not do their job without working at a computer for over an hour a day.

The DSE Regs. identify the three risk areas of working at a computer as being: physical risk, visual risk and mental risk.

To prevent harm in these three areas they dictate (amongst other matters) that a workstation assessment is mandatory for all DSE users.

The rhythm of our face to face DSE Assessments.

  • The study of the way each user works

  • Putting right straight away any positioning of equipment, such as adjusting the height of the chair or monitor, maybe moving the mouse closer to the keyboard…

  • Training the user on best practice in the usage and positioning of all equipment

  • Completion of a DSE checklist (DSE Assessment form) with the user

  • Advising the user of the importance of taking short ‘breaks’ from computer work and stretching, to get the blood circulating freely and to prevent MSDs.

  • Writing a detailed report of what changes have been made and what advice has been given

  • Making recommendations on how best to resolve any outstanding areas of risk

  • Giving time frames for recommended actions and degrees of risk associated with each user.

DSE Assessment training

What are the benefits of our DSE Assessments?

  • Compliance with The DSE Regulations
  • Adding to your corporate well-being interventions
  • CPD Credits
  • Reduction in Musculo-skeletal Disorders (MSDs)
  • Reduction in the number of days off because of back/neck aches
  • Improved productivity
  • Small changes at a workstation can make a BIG difference

What is covered on our DSE Assessments?

  • The checking of positioning and usage of:

  • The chair: its adjustability, height, distance to workstation, does it meet the minimum requirements of the DSE Regulations

  • The equipment on a workstation: monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, laptop, telephone,

  • Sit-stand desks

  • Taking breaks from computer work

  • Advice of risks, physical, visual and mental

  • The necessary training as laid out in the DSE Regulations

  • Working from home and hot desking

  • Full report of actions taken and recommendations for the future

The office for DSE assessments

How long do our DSE Assessments take?

On average between twenty minutes and forty minutes, dependant upon the individual case and diagnosis.

Why choose our DSE assessments?

  • We have been involved with The DSE Regulations since 1998.

  • Our CEO Gerald Whitehouse was a member of the Ergonomics Society’s committee working with the HSE in revising these regulations in 2003/4

  • All our DSE Assessors have a Certificate of successful DSE Assessor training Course completion and are experienced

  • We do not sell any product so we are unbiased in choice of any equipment, recommendation of which we keep to a minimum.

  • We know what we are doing

DSE Assessment training

Is a face to face DSE Assessment better than an online one?

What do I do now?

Talk to one of our DSE Assessors now for advice, help, encouragement or to book your DSE Assessments.