DSE Assessors

Are DSE Assessments a legal requirement?

The Display Screen Equipment Regulations, The DSE Regs. (1992 amended 2003) are a mandatory piece of legislation.

Amongst other dictats the Regulations say that every DSE user has to have a workstation assessment.

Who is a DSE user?

There are over three pages within the Regs explaining who is and who is a not a DSE User perse and therefore comes within the bounds of the Regs.
To summarise: A DSE user is someone who uses a computer for an hour or more a day and could not do their job without one.
The DSE Regs encourage employers to class everyone who uses a computer at all, to be viewed as a DSE user.

Is an online DSE Assessment better than a face to face assessment?

Not necessarily.
If you have say under twenty-five DSE users, then a face to face assessment for all, can be done and managed at a reasonable cost.

However when one gets more than that, the time and costs of two people being engaged in assessing (the user and a trained DSE Assessor) becomes prohibitive.

For a fraction of face to face costs an online system wins hands up.

  • Speed of completion, could be 5 minutes instead of 40  minutes

  • All assessments are recorded centrally, so it is easy to see the history of assessments and resolutions of problems at the click of a button

  • The DSE user completes the DSE Assessment as they are going through the DSE training pages, so it is a seemless process

What is a DSE Assessment?

  • A DSE Assessment is a range of questions in accordance with The DSE Regs.

  • Questions to ensure you are meeting the minimum requirements of the equipment and environment at a workstation, as laid out in the DSE Regs.

  • Questions to identify poor posture at a workstation

  • Questions to identify poor positioning of equipment at a workstation

  • Questions of identify poor usage of equipment at a workstation

  • Questions about taking breaks from computer work

  • Questions to identify physical, visual or mental discomfort

The office for DSE assessments

How long does an online DSE Assessment take??

About five minutes.
This might take longer if there are lots of 'problems' at a workstation, because when a 'risk' is identified, the user is asked to comment on each individual risk and give a more detailed explanation.

Why choose our online DSE assessment system?

  • Because it is part of a system

  • A system to enable you to comply with The DSE Regs.

  • A system to prevent your workforce developing Musculo-skeletal disorders (MSDs)

  • An online DSE system that delivers the DSE training (and a Test) before a DSE user is asked to complete the DSE Assessment

  • A DSE System that includes a full recording, reporting and risk management software free

  • We do not sell any ergonomic products

DSE Assessment training

What makes our DSE System unique?

  • Unique two prompt system

  • All six main requirements of The DSE Regs. included

  • Users self-assess

  • 90% of users will not need any third party intervention

  • DSE training, the test questions and the DSE Assessment are intertwined for user interactivity

What do I do now?

Talk to one of our experts in DSE compliance or go ahead and order your course now.