DSeasy's DSE risk management prioritises your DSE assessments.......... See high risk users first.
The DSEasy LMS manages every DSE risk assessment

In the DSEasy screenshot you’ll see on the right the red and yellow blocks identifying those users who have completed their self-assessment checklist.

  • The top figure on the block is the user’s risk score.
  • The higher the number the greater the risk.
  • DSEasy prioritises so the users at greatest risk appear at the top of the list.
  • Your assessors can then see quickly who needs to be assessed first.

Risk Resolution



Each reported risk is shown in that user’s risk management page, as seen in the screenshot above.

risk-management-icons-grouped These icons which appear on the top right hand side of the blue header enable your assessor to:

risk-management-icons-notepad Open a notepad for notes against a particular reported risk.

risk-management-icons-escalate Send an escalation e-mail to a colleague for them to take some action.

risk-management-icons-audit-trail Start an audit trail. Time-frame that action so if it doesn’t happen you’ll get an e-mail from DSEasy.

risk-management-icons-cost Cost centre. If there is a cost involved in resolution you can add it here.

Risk Reports


See at the touch of a button:

  • All those who have reported the same risk.

  • For example, get a list of all those, within a department or building, who have reported to having aches and pains.

  • You can then select only those were the risk has not yet been resolved.

  • Or those whose risk has been resolved..