Customise DSeasy to suit your Organisation.
Each page can be changed to meet your requirements.

Your corporate style.

  • Do you have a Corporate style?

  • Do you use a specific typeface or colour scheme for example?

  • Would you like your logo displayed?

  • Our flexible friend DSEasy can match your choices.

An example of how DSEasy can be customised.

The training images.

Images are always subjective and some you’ll like and maybe some you don’t.
Any you don’t like can be changed to ones you do.
For example in DSEasy the default image regarding Mental Risks shows some angst but if you’d prefer something a bit more positive just let us know and we’ll make the changes for you.



The training copy.

Writing copy for a generic E-learning programme such as DSEasy does mean that not all supporting copy will suit all customers.
Therefore let us know your preferred copy

For example eye sight test advice with instructions specific to your organisation.


The knowledge check questions.

The wording on Knowledge Check questions, the number of questions, where they sit in the programme and the responses to both correct and incorrect answers are ALL changeable.

Both questions, and their responses, can be completely reworded but still accurately check the understanding of the same piece of knowledge.

The self-assessment checklist questions.

The DSE Regulations are designed to prevent physical, visual and mental problems whilst working at a workstation.

The DSEasy self-assessment question set has evolved from 20 years experience in carrying out DSE Assessments and Training DSE Assessors for customers nationwide.

It’s job is two fold:

  • Identify those with problems and help them to put matters right themselves.

  • To make sure your organisation is complying with the minimum requirements as laid out in the DSE regulations.

To that end our self-assessment questions come within each Training topic.

When DSEasy delivers training on focal length, the self-assessment question follows.

Each self-assessment question can be tailored to your preferred phrasing.


The entire DSEasy self-assessment question set could replicate your existing DSE ergonomic checklist.

The self-assessment prompts.

DSEasy excels at directing users to manage and resolve anything that’s wrong themselves, without the need for any Assessor intervention.

This way your DSE Assessors can spend time with those with DSE Assessor type problems, such as aches and pains.

Other matters can be dealt with by another department.

This is how it works:

When a self-assessment question is answered in a ‘risk’ fashion, DSEasy has up to two Prompts to help the user resolve the matter.

The default DSEasy Prompt 1 for Focal Length shown next to it’s customised counterpart.


On completion of their self-assessment the user can Print Out a list of all the matters they have agreed to deal with.