Compliance with The Display Screen Equipment 1992 is mandatory, no opt out available.

Our DSE consultancy team will review your strategy for complying with The DSE Regulations.

We ascertain whether you train, assess, provide information, give breaks, offer eye sight tests and meet the minimum requirements, all as dictated to by The DSE Regulations?

We can help you find out if all is well, at no cost in selected locations, if you call us now on 01822 819 786, just mention Display Screen Regulations.

Our DSE Assessors

Our experienced DSE Assessors provide in depth DSE workstation assessments and can assess individual tasks to help ensure employees are operating in the best environment.

Ongoing Support

Customers have a local call rate telephone help line connecting them to our team of DSE assessors for any support or advice they may need. We will also visit your site monthly to work with you on your compliance strategies.