I worked on the revised DSE Regulations published in 2002, as part of the then Ergonomic Society’s Committee charged with reviewing the Draft legislation.

To me the start of the compliance process is detailed in Regulation 2, The Form of Assessment. Para 39 on page 14!!

Here are the words:

‘Whatever type of checklist is used, employers should ensure workers have received the necessary training before being asked to complete one.’

Really good advice: how can someone answer a simple question such as Is your monitor at the right height? If they have not had the training that tells them what ‘the right height’ is?

Answer they cannot.


I know of consultancies and software providers who only give the training when a user flags up a problem whilst completing the checklist. I.e. The user responds that their Monitor is not at the right height.

What about all those who said their monitor was at the right height, without knowing what that is?

My advice: Give workstation best practice training to all your DSE Users before they complete a DSE Assessment.


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