A one day DSE Assessor Training Course

CPD Accreditation

We train your staff to carry out DSE assessments with our hands-on practical DSE Assessor training Course, in accordance with DSE Regulations. Staff will learn to be a qualified DSE assessor through an engaging and stimulating learning experience which is CPD accredited.

Display screen equipment (DSE) assessments are not only a legal requirement, but if done correctly, can help combat musculoskeletal disorders, reduced concentration levels and other ill-health effects associated with time spent at poorly-designed workstations.

DSE Assessors

What is our DSE Assessor training course about and why is it needed?

DSE Assessor training will educate your staff about their duties as a DSE assessor, they will be fully prepared to recognise hazards and risks in the workplace and take actions to rectify any problems with users' workstations to ensure their well-being.

As an employer, you are required to protect your workers from the health risks of working with display screen equipment (DSE), such as PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (revised 2003/4) apply to workers who use DSE daily, for an hour or more at a time.

Our DSE Assessor training course enables delegates to become certified DSE assessors to meet the specific requirements of The DSE Regulations, and you as employers, to be compliant with these mandatory Regulations.

Who is our DSE Assessor training course for?

DSE training is ideal for anyone with line management responsibilities, team members, those appointed as DSE assessors or involved in delivering new staff inductions.

The delegate will be trained in accordance with the DSE Regulations to a higher level of knowledge than our 15-minute online DSE training course, enabling the learner to thoroughly assess the risks of other users’ DSE setup and take action to make them more ergonomic if necessary.

What are the benefits of our DSE assessor training Course?

  • Compliance with The DSE Regulations

  • Adding to your corporate well-being interventions

  • CPD Credits

  • Reduction in Musculo-skeletal Disorders (MSDs)

  • Reduction in the number of days off because of back/neck aches

  • Improved productivity

  • Small changes at a workstation can make a BIG difference

What is covered on our DSE Assessor Training course?

  • The legalities of being a DSE Assessor, as required by The DSE Regs.

  • The main health risks associated with DSE work

  • The consequences of poor posture, positioning and usage of workstation equipment?

  • What causes MSDs.

  • Perfect posture explained.

  • The office chair: best height and distance to the workstation, lumbar support, angle of backrest, knowledge of all adjustability

  • Positioning and usage of: monitors, mouse and keyboard, paperwork, laptop and tablets

  • Analysis of workstation environment

  • The benefits of taking breaks from computer work and stretches explained

  •  Solutions available for problems at the workstation

  •  Vision, eyesight testing, corrective visual appliances

  • Analysis of your ergonomic workstation DSE checklist

  • Actual real DSE Assessments undertaken under our tutelage

  • A Test of understanding with Certification of successful course completion for candidates passing the Test.

The office for DSE assessments

How long is the Course, the numbers, where and when?

Our DSE or workstation assessor training course is a ONE-day course, for up to 6 delegates, taking place at your premises from 09.30 to 16.30hrs, on a date to suit you.
All courses will be tailored to your requirements with no 3rd party delegates attending.

Why choose our DSE assessor training course?

  • We have been involved with The DSE Regulations since 1998.

  • Our CEO Gerald Whitehouse was a member of the Ergonomics Society’s committee working with the HSE in revising these regulations in 2003/4

  • Our assessor training course is very hands on, with a lot of one on one training with regard to evaluating and assessing a workstation, identifying what’s wrong and what the solution(s) is/are.

  • We do not sell any product so we are unbiased in choice of any equipment, recommendation of which we keep to a minimum.

  • There are no third party delegates, all with their own agendas, so we can concentrate specifically on your delegate’s own needs.

  • The delegates will leave our course confident in their ability to undertake a real DSE Assessment with competence the next day.

DSE Assessment training

Training Course prerequisites.

  • A private room with enough seating for the Course Director and the delegates

  • No death by PowerPoint, so no need for a projector

  • A White Board

  • A workstation with typical office chair

  • Typical monitor(s), keyboard, mouse, telephone. (No need for them to be working, they are for demonstration purposes only.)

What do I do now?

Talk to one of our experts in DSE compliance or go ahead and order your course now.