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Practical and Engaging Training for all your Staff

DPA360 sets out in an easy to understand way what your employees need to know about data security and how to implement the 8 principles of Data Protection.

Opt-4 Directors and authors of the training course, Rosemary Smith and Jenny Moseley, collaborated with BAFTA award winning film producers, p4films, to create the animated film which brings the training messages to life.

The training course can be completed in half an hour – no more expensive days out of the office.
You can demonstrate at any time that your employees have been trained and tested in Data Protection showing your privacy commitment to customers and shareholders alike.

You’ll be able to do a live online security audit.

The management suite will prioritise your risks, by location, department and by individual member of staff so that you’ll know who needs more coaching and where your risks lie.

The DPA-360

Once the training is completed you move automatically to an interactive online test where there are questions, covering all the essential learning points.

The answers are recorded so that as a manager you can see exactly how well your staff have done. There’s no cheating as if an answer is changed, that’s also recorded.

An electronic record of the Test results is retained so it’s always possible to demonstrate not only that staff were trained, but also that they understood and absorbed the important training messages.

These records enable you to show clear evidence of a pro-active and responsible attitude to data security.

The DPA360 Online Security Audit

A really important feature of DPA360 is the online audit.

Your Data Security Policy may well be excellent but is implementation quite so good?

With DPA360 you can find out… immediately.

A series of 26 questions answered by all staff will advise you if there is currently a breach or a potential breach of the Data Protection Act, what that potential breach is, where it may be occurring and the name of the individual concerned. The issue can then be dealt with immediately.

The DPA360 Risk Management Suite

DPA360 gives you a unique and powerful training and risk management tool.

Many companies have hundreds, sometimes thousands of staff spread across numerous sites. The tried and tested software platform used by DPA360 is designed to manage large numbers of people and to formulate practical organisational maps. This makes implementation straightforward and better still, we do the work for you. If staff come and go or change location, DPA360 handles that too.

Through the Online Security Audit and inbuilt risk scoring, DPA360 will identify and prioritise data security risks and flag these up to the relevant manager. This means you know immediately where your risks are and can take immediate targeted action.

DPA360 will highlight risk trends, a gap in security policy or implementation that runs through your organisation or perhaps a particular risk prevalent at any one site or location.

The audit suite will also give you a list of all those who answer a question in a similar fashion. For example you can generate a list of all those who keep unsecured personal data on a laptop or memory stick.

Then DPA360 will also track and prompt by email any remedial action you need to take and audit trail this action through to resolution. At any given time you will know exactly where you are in the process.

So, with DPA360 you can spot, prioritise and resolve your data security risks.

Are You Compliant with DPA Regulations?

  • Company Directors can go to prison for breaches of the Data Protection Act
  • Failure to comply with Subject Access requests can lead to fines, compensation claims and brand embarrassment
  • Nearly half the adult population is aware of Data Protection legislation and uses opt- out boxes
  • ALL personal data is covered, Business to Business contacts are NOT exempt
  • Breaches of data security and poor data processing can lead to prosecution
  • Staff can be held individually responsible for breaches ­if they haven’t been adequately trained they can sue the company
  • Collecting data without the correct marketing permissions means it cannot be used
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office is stepping up enforcement
  • Penalties for unfair obtaining of personal data can mean that customer and prospect records have to be wiped wholesale from databases
  • Export of data to the USA must be covered by contract or Safe Harbor

The Commercial Case for Online Staff Training and Auditing

Employee negligence is the highest cause of data security breaches and in many organisations there can be a significant gap between a data security policy and its implementation. No-one is immune from the threat of data loss or breaches but effective staff training can massively reduce this risk.

And there is major commercial benefit. Collecting data without the correct permissions means it can’t be used. Train staff to get it right and that data becomes the lifeblood of the organisation and a genuine asset.

Benefits of complying:

  • Minimise your risks of fines up to £500,000 for a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Avoid reputational damage – 66% of people say they would try and avoid future interaction with the guilty company
  • Maximise your revenue opportunities from compliant data collection.
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